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Top Ten Superstition We Believed As A Kid (Everyone Is Guilty Of N0 8)

Superstition means belief that is not based on human reason or scientific knowledge, but is connected with old ideas about magic etc.

Some believe superstition brings Good luck while others brings otherwise. But we at 9jaheritage believes superstitions are unrealistic.

Here is a list of 10 interesting Superstitions.

1. Itchy Palms
Many people believe that Itchy palms are signs of good luck – it means a large amount of Money is coming your way.

2. Do Not Borrow Salt At Night
Many people believe borrowing salt at night brings bad luck. We don’t know how true this is, somehow, it is believed by so many Nigerians.

3. If You Pick Money From The Floor You Will Turn Into A Tuber Of Yam
It is believed that this superstition was birthed from money rituals. This superstition is usually expressed to kids not to pick anything from the floor, an attempt to pick it can make you transform into a tuber of yam or even a goat.

4. Spitting On The Ground
If you have a sore throat, it might be because someone has stepped on your spit (saliva).

5. A Baby Must Not Fall From Its Mother’s Back
This Superstition is mostly believed in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It is believed that a child must never fall from its mother’s back, somehow if it happens the child will be wayward in life, a male child who falls will loose seven wifes. The mother is also required to perform some revoking rituals.

6. Hitting Your Left Leg On A Stone
Many people believe that hitting one’s left leg on a stone is a sign of a bad omen. It is said that the person must return home to avoid bad luck.

7. If You Swallow A Seed, It Will Grow On Your Head
We all believed this superstition has a kid, this superstition is usually expressed to kids who have not really learned how to eat to restrain them from swallowing dangerous items.

8. Eating From The Ground
It’s believed that you should not pick your food when it falls on the ground because Satan has tasted it.

9. Do Not Cross Another Person’s Leg.
The common warning is not to cross over a pregnant woman’s leg so that you won’t give birth to a child that looks like the person. Another version is that you should not allow anyone to cross over your legs so that you won’t give birth to a child with one arm or leg.

10. Eating In The Dark.
This is an old superstition we believed as a kid, it is believed that if you eat in the dark, a goast will eat from your food which may result in death or serious ailments.

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