Notice of Important Order 1. To ensure seamless delivery and customs clearance, double box packaging is employed. After you receive the products, kindly remove the outer box and shrink film. 2. The products’ serial numbers are legitimate. If you want more images or videos, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Merchandise Description Pro(ANC) Pro Gen 2 Model No (ANC) Functions 1. Function to rename 2. The GPS positioning feature 3.Opening Window 4. Touch-screen 5. Help Siri Wireless Charging, 6. Ear detection

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Top Quality Airoha 1562a Bluetrum Chip Air Pro Gen 2 Anc Noise Cancelling Earphones Earbuds Air Pros 3 With Noise Cancellation – Buy Airoha 1562a Chip Anc Air Pro Gen 2 Air Pros 3,Airoha 1562a Chip Bluetrum Chip Noise Cancelling Earphones,Airoha 1562a Chip Bluetrum Chip Noise Cancellation Earbuds Product | Laptops

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