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SERIOUS LOVERS!! Solutions To The Top 3 Marriage Issues (Pay More Attention To N0 2)

There are common problems in marriages, these problems are threat to happiness. A lot of things happen in marriages, some you can condole and some others you are even ready to live one day with them.

So today, I will be telling you some common problems in marriages and a few tips in solving those problems.

Sit back, this will be fun.

  1. Boundaries
    Do you have boundaries set in your marriage? We try to understand that it’s a common phenomenon that once you’re married, you’re “One”, which is true but what about the peculiarities in individual characters, individual behaviour, individual beliefs or background, these calls for boundaries.

    In so many marriages, it is not easy for one spouse to try to change the other, whether it’s their fashion sense or their fundamental beliefs.
    Trying to change your spouse is a person invasion and when it happens, the victimized spouse will feel disrespected, hurt and disregarded, and it may even lead to anger, and once it leads to anger, it’s going to be a big problem.

    Often times, invading someone boundaries is done intentionally with a mission in mind, this behaviour stops the idea of mutual respect.
    In order to avoid stepping on your boundaries with your partner or trying to change your partner from one thing to another, remember respect is reciprocal.

    What you can do about this is to avoid invasion in as much as you believe you’re one, it’s not a must you should change that person, if your partner will change, it has to be as a result of personal convicted.
    Avoid invasion, know where to draw the line when it comes to pushing for change.

  2. Lack Of Complete Communication
    I didn’t say Lack of communication, I mean Lack Of Complete Communication. Though the words “talking” and “communications” are often used interchangeably but it’s important you understand that the two differ greatly from one another.

    “Talking” is about giving information without needful response, it leaves plenty rooms for complain and criticism. On the other hand;
    “Communication” is a verbal or non-verbal exchange of information that requires a response because it takes more than one person to communicate.
    It focuses on a connection between two people where they can share ideas and information free of judgement.

    Think about it, are you communicating properly?
    When spouses fails to practice proper communication, it’s easy for them to fall into habitual way of ineffectively speaking to one another.

    If poor communication is not dealt with promptly, it’s possible for more serious problems to arise.
    So, how do you curb this issues of complete communication?. Couples should learn how to communicate with one another to keep their love life on track and also to prevent unnecessary issues.

  3. Not Being Able To Appreciate One Another
    Most times, appreciate decreases, and if it decrease, trust me, conflict will increase. So from time to time appreciate your lover, tell her “baby, you’re beautiful”.
    Lack of appreciation Gratitude and acknowledgement in relationship is one of the main causes of break-ups.

    A couple that appreciates each other on a daily basis for all the little or big things eventually develops a culture of gratitude within their marriage. This is extremely important for a couple to stay happy and contented and their marriage to thrive.

The End!!!
I hope you’ve been able to learn a few tips from the journal.

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