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NH JOURNAL!! 5 Things A Guy Should Do Before Proposing To Her. (N0 5 is the key)

Proposing is an important aspect in every meaniful relationship. You wouldn’t want to mess up a long lasting sweet relationship with an awful proposal. Ever imagine what a guy should do before proposing? Here are some few tips to make your proposal goes off without a glitch.

We’ve got you covered.

1. Tell Her Parents.
Traditionally, it is advisable to carry the girl’s parents along through before proposing. Meet the parents to ask for their permission of asking their daughter’s hand in marriage. It’s the best thing to do, and of course to get their approval. It’s good to bear the parents in mind.

2. Get The Ring.
After getting her parents’ approval, the next thing to do is to get the ring. But it’s still important you guys should talk about the idea of getting married so it won’t come as a total surprise. The ring is something she will probably wear for the rest of her life. Go to a nice Jeweler shop to get her a beautiful ring. Doing some finding on what kind of ring she may like to have on her finger is very important.

3. Where To Propose.
After getting the ring, another important aspect is “where to propose”. If the girl is a shy type then proposing to her in a mall will be a total disaster, public humiliation may temporarily conquer. You’ve been warned. Moreover, you can plan something a little more low-key.

4. What To Say.
Everyone believes the reply to every proposal is YES!. It is also very important to know what to say, there is no wrong way to ask your love to marry you, but there are ways to make sure the proposal goes off without a glitch. Think about what to say ahead of time and focus on the most important thing. Do not memorize lines like an actor in a movie, make it short, simple and sweet so that you won’t forget.

5. Make Sure You Are In A Relationship.
As funny as this may sound, it very ideal that you know you guys are in a serious relationship before popping the question “will you marry me?” to avoid stories that touch. Frequently talk to her about marriage, talk to her about the future, let her know that one day you’d like to be married. Make sure you take note of her attitude when asking all these.

The End!!!
I hope you’ve been able to learn a few things from the journal.

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