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Erica Nlewedim tackles man who said “a wife’s contract ends when her husband dies and his ‘omenala’ gives him right over his late siblings’ properties”

Actress and former reality TV star, Erica Nlewedim has reacted to the tweet of a man who said, because he’s of the Igbo tribe, he’s entitled to his late sibling’s properties.

Following the report that the relatives of the late Femi Osibona are allegedly entangled in a feud over the bank details, exotic cars, and properties of the late CEO, a user argued that the wife of the deceased whom they had four children together is in no way entitled to any property as her ‘contract in the family has ended already.

The user said because he’s an Igbo man, his “omenala” gives him full right over the properties of his late siblings. He wrote,

I am an igbo man and my omenala gives me full right over the properties of my siblings when they’re no more.

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