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8 Important Things Every Ladies Should Consider Before Saying Yes To His Proposal (Pay More Attention To N0 2)

Ladies, you need to be aware of all the disabilities about that person before you go into a relationship with that person.

9jaheritage has complied a few things you need to discuss with that person before you consider a “Yes” as an answer.

Sit back, this will be fun.

1. You need to know how sincere the person is
You need to be sure the man you’re about to say “Yes” to is honest with you in words and actions. If he’s deceitful to you in the course of the friendship period, then you shouldn’t expect anything better when you say “Yes” to him. Lying should never be an option if you’re going into a relationship.
The best thing for both of you is to open up to yourself and talk about things in details.

2. Look out for the financial stability of your supposed man
I am one of those who kicks against ladies who are only after money, but this really doesn’t mean you should sign your death certificate and enter into a marriage that you know obviously is headed for poverty.

Some people might not have money now but you know that the relationship is in the direction of success or their life is in the direction of success and for some other people, they don’t have money and you’ll know that their direction is headed for poverty.
So, if you obviously know this man is not industrious or very lazy and not ready to do anything to make his life better, if you love him that much you can brace him up, you can motivate him, but if you’ve been trying to do that and it’s not working, my dear, let go!

Your man should be able to pay the proposed home bills. Do not get married to a man without financial stability or without plans on how to make money.

3. Temperament
This is one thing many ladies often failed to analyze before saying “yes” to a man. A man’s temperament is very important, a man’s ego will speak almost all the time, his temperament is what controls him.

If he can’t control his anger, then one person that will suffer severely for it is You, the closest to him. Don’t get married to a man that will turn you into his punching bag, it’s not worth it at all, if he can’t control his temper, then you’re at risk of coming into harm.
Domestic violence is not fun and you’ll see the signs from the start.

4. Does he genuinely love you?
It feels so bad when a lady falls into the wrong hands, sincerely, truthfulness is the key before saying “Yes” to him.
Some guys can be honest and not love you, they’re honest because they just have to get married and they know that honesty is the best policy, so they will be honest just to win your heart. But what about love?, does he genuinely love you?, you also need to put that into consideration before you say “yes” to date him or get married to him.

5. Your feelings
As a woman, when you discover that you’re going into a relationship with someone that it seems more like you don’t really love, endeavor to put yourself in that relationship and find a place to develop that love. But if it’s not developing, please pack off, your man is coming, you don’t have to force yourself dating him. Be sure that your feelings for him are true, there is no need to date him in the first place if you don’t love him. Be sincerely sure you love him.

6. How ready are you for that relationship or marriage
Marriage is different from relationship, you might be ready for a relationship but then, you might not be ready for marriage. To have a successful marriage, you should be able to take a lot of sacrifices. If you are not ready to take those sacrifices, then you’re absolutely not ready for marriage.

7. Your compatibility level
Compatibility is one measure that will eventually leads to a successful marriage and the issue of compatibility shouldn’t be taken for granted at all.
When couples are compatible, the marriage is blissful but when compatibility is lacking in marriage, it turns into a cat and rat affair. You need to shine your eyes and be sure whether or not you’re compatible.

8. Do you love someone else?
Ladies, you need to ask yourself this question, it’s very important. You need to be sure you are not in love with someone else before saying “yes” to this man.
The dilemma of being married and still loving someone else is something you should avoid, it’s a great mistake that some people make in their marriages.
If you’re still having feelings for someone else, then don’t think of accepting to get married to him. Else, those feelings might not allow you enjoy your marriage. There is no point getting married to him if you haven’t gotten over someone else.

The End!!
I’m sure you’ve been able to learn a few tips from this journal.
Make sure you’re not lured into marriage for wrong reasons, there’s nothing a man should do to pin you down except if the feelings are mutual.
If this feelings are not mutual and you eventually say “yes” you want to tie the knot, you’re tying the knot of going to hell in marriage.

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