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7 Ways To Let A Guy Know You’re Interested Without Appearing To Be Desperate (Pay More Attention To N0 5)

You can spend hours thinking about a particular man and that same man doesn’t know how you feel but you’re expecting that one day he will notice you. Some ladies thinks they have to position themselves where the man can see them, it’s way beyond that
This is what we’ll be talking about today, some ways to let a guy know you’re interested without appearing to be desperate.

Ladies, get ready, you need to learn a few tips that will put you on the right path of showing interest to a man without looking anxious, eager or desperate.

1. You have to be bold enough to express yourself to the man
Nowadays, it is quite difficult for a woman to approach a man but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about it. The fact that you can’t do it doesn’t mean other women can’t do it and it’s one of the very active steps you can take to hit your shot without being eager, but it depends on what you say. When it comes to talking to a guy, some ladies feels they’re downgrading themselves by approaching the guy themselves, which is not true.

If you think the man seeing you is enough to notice you, that’s a lie, because a man can look at you and see nothing. So you need to take a step further, and one of those great steps is talking to him yourself.

What will you say?, will you present yourself as a low class lady?, No!, you don’t need to do that. As much as women love compliments, men also do love compliments. If you don’t want to talk to him, no problem, this next point is for you.

2. Be approachable
It’s cool to play the mysterious type, but then it may sound exhausting to a guy. Keeping a guy waiting trying to play the mysterious girl where you don’t send any man, but if you want things to work the way you want them to work, then take off that mask of being the mysterious lady, be yourself, be approachable and don’t carry a moody face.

You need to open yourself and be approachable, if you show a guy you’re friendly and communicative, you show them you’re interested in talking to them. You don’t need to fondle your arms alone and carry a moody face, doing that makes you look not welcoming no matter how beautiful you’re. Trust me, no guy will come near to you.

3. Be Open
You being open doesn’t mean you’re too forward, that’s not the case in this kind of scenario, the kind of picture I’m painting here is that you don’t have to be lousy, you should be friendly, don’t frown your face, smile.

The smile alone will welcome the guy, whether or not you’re meeting the guy for the first time, second time or third time, it doesn’t matter, what matters the most is to show a little bit sign of care.
You don’t need to be all lousy, acting in a naughty manner before you can be approachable, just be yourself and your smiles are very important.

4. Make first move in a conversation
If you really like him and you’ve been seeing him around and you guys have been doing the “hi” “hi” thing, probably waving at each other from a distance, that means everything is really soft for you. You can start up a conversation, make the first move to talk to him if he’s someone you’ve been seeing around for quite sometime, there is nothing bad in that.

Don’t be shy to start a conversation, in view of doing that, I want you to know you that guys love ladies who can express themselves boldly as much as a lady want to notice the confidence in a guy, guys also want to notice how well a lady can express herself.

Brace yourself, work on yourself, develop yourself in the heart of speaking English language, but then, language is not a barrier, even if you want to speak in a local dialect or pidgin, be expressive, express yourself boldly and confidently.

5. Eye contact
Some lady are really shy when talking to a guy, they can barely look straight into his eyes. You need to work on that as a lady. Do you know that there’s power in the eyes?, of course you have a beautiful eye balls, and a man will definitely get a lot of messages through your eye balls without you even speaking, it’s naturally just as you too can know what’s exactly on the mind of a guy through looking through his eyes, it’s the same thing as a guy looking through your eyes.

An eye contact is one of the major signs that will follow when trying to see if someone is into us or not.
Ladies, if you think you’re shy, I’m using this medium to encourage you to learn the heart of eye contact, you can start with your bestie, your female friends, if possible your brothers, if you can, just learn how to make eye to eye contact.
If someone avoid eye contact with you, the person probably is not interested in you.

6. Don’t friend-zone a guy
Guys have grown into a level where if you friend-zone him, he will rather stay there and look else where. I’m not saying you should give him signs that you’re very much attraction to him in a manner that he will just conclude “this babe like me die”, no!, that’s not what I’m saying, but then, please, make sure you don’t friend-zone him, if you really want him for a relationship then let the door be open a bit and not close totally, that’s going to build more confident in the guy that he’s still trending on soft path and hopefully at the end of the day he will spill the bean and you will make a decision whether or not to accept to date him.

7. Flirt
You can flirt, I’m not saying you should open up your boobs, cleavage or let him know your “bumbum” is big, no!, that’s not what I’m talking about when it comes to flirting. Flirting could simply means compliment.

If a guy is talking to you and he says stuffs like “I really love the way you’re, I love your stature, you’re really chubby, I have a lot of things to hold on to-to make me warm”, that’s flirting on the guy’s path, going a little bit across the border, so it depends on you, if you are really into him then you can give it back to him and if you want to take things slowly, you can just appreciate it like “thank you, thanks for the compliment, you’re not looking bad at all”. That’s simple.

The End!!
I hope you’ve been able to learn a few tips from the journal.

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