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7 Ways To Easily Get Over A Bad Breakup (N0 5 Is The Key)

All break-ups can be bad, but then, depending on which perspective you’re looking at it from, one thing we can say for sure is that getting over a breakup is almost the same process for everyone.

Breaking up with someone is a hard decision to make no matter how bad it is. If it’s was not a heart decision you’ll have been out of the relationship long ago, but putting other things into consideration, it makes it very difficult for you to easily sit down, make up your mind and say you want to break up. But then, getting through one is even more difficult

Knowing how to get over a bad break up would help you heal faster and gives you the opportunity to love again.

What constitute a bad break up?
If you had a bad break up before, if you dated enough people before, you are bound to end up heart broken at some point so you would have experienced as many break-ups in many relationship you have been in.

But if you want to get over a bad break up quickly, follow these few steps.

1. Getting to know the reasons for the break-ups and taking responsibilities
Taking up your responsibility might be that you’re admitting your fault or that you’re now aware of your partner’s fault and why you couldn’t compromise just to live with it.
Live up to your responsibility, know the exact reason why you broke up and don’t be biased at all in as much as you feel you were heart broken or you were jilted, you also need to admit your fault if any.

Let it all out, it normal to feel sad about a break up but its best to feel how you feel and let it all out at once, but restrict yourself from expressing how hurt you are, it’s just going to take less energy to let it all out. So, if you want to cry, do that and move on.

2. Tell someone about it
Problem shared is half solved. You need to talk to someone about what is going on, let it all out to a friend, a counselor or a love therapist who you think will listen.

If your friend is the judging type, be rest assured he/she is going to complicate issues, but if your friend has more feeling of empathy, then be rest assured that you would have a listening ear for that person.

Vent it on someone you can trust, not only is it not right to let someone know what’s going on in your head but it would also help you get their own perspective and they could offer you some insight that you may not have received if you never talked to them about it.

3. Get rid of anything that reminds you of them
This might be a little bit difficult but you need to put your mind into it. Get rid of anything that reminds you of them.
This is not the time to start going through photos album, not the time to start wearing the marching cloth you had together. This is the time to get rid of them, throw them away or give them back to the owner.

Keep yourself from anything that makes your brain tickle at the thought of them, take that thing off. Could it be a gift, even if it’s a car or house, do away with it if it is hitting you up emotionally and keep reminding you of that person. Pictures on your wallpaper, pictures on your social media platforms or the one on your phone gallery, take them off as long as they would remind you of that person.

4. Distract yourself with fun or friends
You just got out of a break up and whenever you’re alone all you think about is that person, then it’s the time you distract yourself with fun and with friends. The less you think about the break up, the easier it is for you to get over it.
Time is all you need and when you are busy doing things that you love, you won’t have time to think about that person.

5. Realized that it’s not the end of love for you
Someone is out there who deserves your love and you are worthy of being loved again. It’s easy to think that just because one love ended the way it ended no more love for you, it’s very easy to conclude that way but it is not true.
You need to remember that there is still love and don’t ever think that love is not there for you.

6. Delete their phone numbers
This is a very drastic step but the result is unimaginable, it is not the first thing you should do that’s why I didn’t mentioned it first.
Delete their social media and their phone number. You don’t want reminder of them until you’re emotionally ready.

It’s good to be friends with your ex only if you’ve totally gotten over the break up, but if that hasn’t happened, you don’t have anything to do with your ex. Delete them on your social media, delete their numbers on your phones. That will help you a great deal.

7. Avoid romantic movies
You don’t need romantic movies when you’re trying to get over a bad break up.

The End!!
These are the few points I can make and I’m sure if you try as much as possible to observe these points it would be easy for you to bounce back after a bad break up and to give love a chance.

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