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6 Ways To Avoid Falling In Love (Take Note Of N0 2)

Controlling your emotions is not a lazy man’s job, it is hard work, so far it is hard work to build a relationship and love, it is even more hard work trying not to fall in love for the person you shouldn’t fall for.

9jaheritage has made a list of ways to avoid falling in love.
We’ve got you covered.
Sit back, this will be fun.

1. Distance Yourself From The Person

You can establish a clear boundaries for yourself when you’re around that person, once you notice that no matter how much you try to distance from this person it only gets worse because you’re co-workers, on top of it, you’re working in the same department, you could even be in the same office.

Taking a clue from your work place, you can also relate it to your life and what exactly the situation is in your own case.
So establish clear boundaries for yourself when you’re around that person. If you happen to be around that person 24/7 then you need to understand your boundaries.
For example, avoid touching hugging or sitting close to that person, you may stand at a far distance so as not to appear friendly or open to a conversation with the person.
Avoid eye contact as much as you can.

2. Do Not Accept Gift From That Person
Ladies, you don’t have anything to do with this man, you don’t think you can be in a relationship with him. Why then will you accept romantic gestures?
Why flirt with him when you know you don’t want to have anything to do with him?.
You’re only putting yourself in vulnerable situation and anything can happen.

So, avoid romantic gestures and don’t collect gift from the person since you can’t date him. It’s not easy for a suitor to just leave you just because you tuned him down, but what you can control is not accepting romantic gestures or gift from that person.
How to decline gift is simple – No, thank you, remember I told you I still have something like this at home.
That’s polite enough.

3. List Out The Person’s Negative Qualities
If you discover you’re trying to shut your heart, you need reasons to shut your heart. Closing your heart off emotionally could be another great way to avoid falling in love with that person, try to control your emotions so that you won’t feel overwhelmed or you wouldn’t feel out of control.

So, make a list of that person’s negative qualities, read them over and over again, let yourself into these negative qualities, this will help discourage you and disengage you from being entangled to that person, once you know this person possesses some characters and behaviors that are negative, then you will want to avoid the person naturally.

Be honest and think about the qualities of that person that may be bothersome or that could be an issue if you two are in a relationship, that will help you not to get too close to that person.

Determine why you guys are not compatible, think about why you guys are not suitable as lovers. You should make a list of their negative qualities, write down the reasons why those qualities means you and that person can never be together.
Focus more on your incompatibility, it could help you to close yourself up emotionally from that person.

4. Focus On The Friendly Aspects Of Your Relationship
You’re not focusing on the emotional aspect of it, but then, concentrate on the emotional aspect of it. So, if you’re already on a friendly terms with that person then you must focus on your friendship over the romantic relationship with them.

So, if you guys get along very well as friends, always remind yourself that being romantic with them will lead to hurting feelings.

5. Focus On Your Needs
You avoid falling in love by devoting your time to your own need or interest. Distract yourself from romantic yearnings by pouring your energy into the hobby you love or you can take up an activity that can be all consuming that will leave you with a little time to focus on your romantic feelings with the person.

6. Confide In A Friend
Tell your friends “hey, common Pls, if I am falling in love with this person, draw me back with my ears-like, hey, it shouldn’t be”.
Confide in a friend you can trust, with that, I’m sure that you can control your emotions and avoid falling in love with the wrong person.

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