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5 Things Men Do When They Are Cheating. (Pay Attention To N0 3)

Think your boyfriend/husband is cheating on you? Check out if he is displaying any of these signs listed below.
Here are the things men do when they are having extra-marital affairs.

1. Picks Fights With You Over Any Little Minor Issues.
When a man is cheating, he often looks for ways to start an arguments so as to diverts the partners’ attention, so as not to figure out what’s really going on behind their backs. Doing this will provide a reason to get mad and leave the house to meet his lover.

2. Stops Saying “I Love You”.
Frequently saying “I love You” to your partner in a relationship is a good way to spice up a relationship. When you notice he has stopped saying that to you, he might be saying it someone else.

3. He Calls You By The Wrong Name.
Another way to know your man is cheating on you is that he unintentionally calls you by the wrong name (Freudian slip). It means he end up saying out loud what he’s unconsciously thinking.

4. He Want His Privacy Every time You’re Together.
A major sign a man is cheating on you is when he suddenly wants to have his own privacy every time you’re together. You will notice he excuses himself anytime he has a call, clear up his phone messages as well as deleting his WhatsApp chats and Facebook messages, uses hidden Apps and frequently changes phone’s password.

5. He Lies To You.
A classic sign that a man is cheating on you is that he lies to you over and over again so as to cover up all tracks. Studies has shown that when people lie, they tend to look to the right while they’re speaking.

The End!!!
If you notice any of these in your boyfriend/husband, then my sister he is cheating

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