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Ladies!! 5 Signs To Show That He’s Serious About You. (Pay More Attention To N0 3)

Today, we are discussing this confusing topic, it confuses many ladies to know if a guy is serious at an early stage. I’m not saying it’s a must you need to be sure that this guy is serious at an early stage, but if you see some of these signs then you should know he wants something long-term.

When a long term relationship gets difficult, you should see some signs to note that the relationship is going to be tasking, responsibility driven, it could be that the man is taking the bull by the horn so as not to make it a little bit difficult.

You need to sit back and reminisce on some of these points before you make your next decision.

9jaheritage has made a list of some signs to show that he’s serious about you and want to be in a real relationship with you.

Sit back, this will be fun.

1. When he’s making future plans with you

Guys don’t really bring up things that they don’t want to talk about, a guy would rather not talk about these things with you if he’s sure that he only want to flirt and just have fun with you, but when you start talking about serious life issues or future plans, that shows he’s really into you, a guy who’s not so much into you will either not respond to those questions or he’ll get angry when you start talking about future plans.

When a man brings up future plans, it could be an indication because it’s subjected to rate at which some guys can be so heartless and wicked, but truthfully, the plus and minus is favoring the plus side, so it could be an indication that he’ll like to know what you think about them (future plans) in your own future, he would want to know if he would fit into your own future.

So, that could be the reason while he’s making future plans with you, and as a woman, if you notice that a man is doing something of such nature with you, you need to open up, only if you obviously don’t want the guy, let him know instantly, respond positively if you’re interested in him as well. A guy who is very serious about you will make future plans with you.

2. He would love you to be around him when he has public functions to attend

A man who is so much in love with you and want to be with you for the rest of his life would always want to flaunt you in the presence of his friends, his colleagues, his family members and the whole world at large and with any opportunity that come up to enable him achieve this by flaunting you in their presence.

For example, if he has an occasion, maybe his brother-in-law (husband of his sister) is celebrating his birthday, if a guy is so much into you, he would want to take you along and flaunt you in the presence of other family members. If a guy wants to be in a real relationship with you, he will want all his friends to know you and respect you as they would respect him too.

Like I said in the first point, it’s still subjected to the bad intentions of some wicked guys who can disguise and cajole a lady in a very heartless manner. If you’re a guy and you do any of these two to a woman without having intention to marry her, you’re heartless, because women are fragile, they are understanding, you don’t need to deceive them, be open, if you don’t want her for something long-term, don’t pretend like you want her for something long-term.

3. You are always on his mind

I wonder how some ladies would say “my guy doesn’t talk to me”. You’re in a serious relationship with a guy and you would still complain that he’s comfortable not talking to you for two weeks, you think you’re in a serious relationship with that guy?.

There is someone else he’s talking to on a daily basis, hardly will a man not hear from the woman that he’s so much into, not just flirt relationship or friends with benefits relationship, I’m talking about something real, something you think should transient into marriage.

A man who’s into you can never afford not hearing from you everyday.

4. He can’t wait to live with you

I’m not talking about a guy who’s taking advantage of you because you know how to cook and you know how to take care of the house. Some men can be so wicked and I will not stop saying that. You know you don’t have anything serious to do with this lady and you keep on requesting that she does the dishes or the laundry, you keep on making love to her, what a wicked world.

Don’t you think about how the person will feel if the lady realize you have been using her?, don’t you think about the emotional state of mind of that lady when the cat is finally let out of the bag?.

Guys, please, stop doing that, stop it. If you want to have sex, there are different ladies out there you can talk to and I’m sure there will be one of them who just want the fun. You don’t have to lie to anyone of them.

A man who wants you will always anticipate to live with you forever.

5. He will always open up to you

A man who wants you for the rest of his life will not keep secrets from you, he might not even know when he would keep talking about everything related to himself, his career, his job, his past, his present, family members and his future. He would open up everything to you.

And if you find that kind of man, don’t toy with that opportunity, if you handle it as a mere toy, you will lose it as kids lose their toys. So please, be serious and don’t take the relationship with hands of levity.

The End!
I hope you have been able to learn a few tips from this journal

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